A Kings Love Convo’s – “Inner WOman”

18 Jul

Check out this episode of “A Kings Love Convo” where I discuss the importance of getting our HEARTS right BEFORE our appearance as well as why things like “hair”, “makeup” and “jewelery” have no merit or DEMERIT when it comes to our salvation and relationship with Christ! Love ya ladies!!!


Why You Can’t Afford To Be Single And Salty…

16 Jun


I don’t have many regrets. I’m a firm believer in the fact that everything I’ve been through (the good, the bad, and the ugly) was ALL worth it simply because it made me who I’m today…But there is one regret that I do have..

I regret wasting so much time being bitter about being single and worrying about who I’m gonna marry, rather than spending that time being content in Jesus, and SERVING LIKE CRAZY.

Thank God, it isn’t too late and I finally got a grip but all that worry and “saltiness about my singleness” has caused me to be so passionate about us women not sitting around waiting for our “Adam” to wake up or our “Boaz” to come through on a white horse and whisk us away into in the sunset. I had to come to a realization that when I die, God isn’t going to ask me about the ring on my finger… He’s going to ask me about HOW I treated and submitted to the man who put it there.. He’s going to ask me about my heart. He’s going to ask me about how I loved those around me (friends, family, and strangers). He’s going to ask me about who I discipled here on this earth and did I help bring them to Christ. He’s going to ask me about what I did with all of the gifts, talents, and resources He’s  given me. He’s going to ask about me about my submission to the holy spirit  what I did for Him here on this earth to bring glory to His name..

In the end, when your time here on this earth is up, that’s ALL that’s gonna matter..

Unfortunately, we’re caught up. Many of us are caught up in seeking Jesus for a husband as opposed to just seeking Jesus for who He is and what He’s done. Continue reading


A KIngs Love Convos Webisodes! (Watch First Episode)

18 Apr

Hey loves! So if you follow me on FB, you already probably know about this new web series that I’ve been working on called ” A Kings Love Convos”. Its basically a show to promote the love of Christ and help women (including myself) give a practical understanding of the word of God, and how it applies to everyday life circumstances! Im super duper excited for it to finally be out!! (It took forever lol) New episodes will be up every MONDAY AT 7:30PM.. So subscribe, like, share, all that good stuff! love yall! xox

Here’s the first episode on “Heart Surgery”— What God does to you when you ask Him to come into your heart and truly surrender your life to Him.. “You can debate my testimony but you cant debate my theology”- xox

Who Or What Are You Bowing Down To?

26 Mar

Who or What Do You Bow Down to


Your child has been kidnapped. You’re devastated and heartbroken. You’re literally willing to give the BEST you have to save them including your life savings. You’re even willing to trade places and die for them… Your kid has been found and saved but when he/she got home, they decided to run away and go back to their kidnappers… How heartbroken, confused and bewildered would you be?? That’s what it’s like when we choose to RUN to things that enslave us after God gave HIS ALL to free us. That’s what its like when we make IDOLS out of “things” or “people” and as a result put ourselves back in bondage.

So what’s an idol?? ANYTHING or ANYONE that you look to for fulfillment and gratification OTHER than God. Anything or ANYONE that has more say so in your daily decision making process other than Jesus…

“Idolatry” is usually one of those sins that we kinda just sweep under the rug and not really pay much attention to. Lately God has seriously been showing me some “idols” in my life that I never considered to be a problem. Please be mindful, that you can turn ANYTHING into an idol.. Even good Godly things like marriage, relationships or even ministry…

God had to show me how much I’ve been making an idol out of SOCIAL MEDIA. Yes, He had to show me that I was trading in the presence of God for the presence of nonsense on my timelines. I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I did, WAS NOT praise Him for waking me up another day, it was checking my Facebook and Instagram..  I would stop in the middle of prayer or bible reading when my phone went off, JUST to check a message. Before I went to bed, I wasn’t praying and pouring all my cares out onto Him for that day, instead I was scrolling my newsfeed and stalking folks. (don’t front, we all have done it at one point or another lol) The point is, my social media accounts DICTATED my actions. I could of easily justified it which is tried to, by saying how much I use social media to minister to people which I do.. But the bottom line is that I was spending WAY more time on Facebook than in the word of God ..

Continue reading

Bootleg Christianity…

24 Jan

Bootleg Christianity


DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to be perfect or claim to be the “spiritual police”.. but I do love Jesus and love people. Please know that everything that I’m saying is from a place of LOVE and genuine desire for us Christians to be living this thing for real and not just playing “church” because it looks good. Honestly, I’ve come to a place where my biggest fear isn’t death. It isn’t dying single. It isn’t getting sick… One of my biggest fears is going to church FAITHFULLY, serving in a ton of ministries thinking that Im doing all this stuff for God, only to die and get to heaven to hear God say “Depart from me, for I never knew you”… all because I was doing all this “stuff” but my heart was so far from Him….

God has been laying this on my heart so heavily these past few weeks. God is not stupid. He didn’t birth us.. He CREATED us, meaning He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows if we’re sincere or not. He knows our thoughts before we even form them.. I mean, HELLO! He’s God. So why is it that we think that we could get away with claiming how much we love and cherish Him. while our LIFESTYLES tell a COMPLETELY different story? How is it that we really think God cares about our perfect church attendance, while our heart is corrupt and we live like He doesn’t even exist on monday through saturday? How is that we see absolutely NOTHING wrong with singing Gods praises at the 12 o’clock service, but then cursing someone out in the parking lot once service lets out?? We no longer feel convicted about living double lives. We no longer feel convicted about sleeping around with people who aren’t our spouse. We no longer feel convicted about gossiping and talking about folks… we just sweep it all under the rug of “God knows my heart”…..

Going to church doesn’t make us  Christians. It simply makes us church-goers. Believing in Jesus and striving to be CHRIST-LIKE through the holy spirit does…
Its almost a “trend” to post scriptures on our Facebook page and create cute little pictures about God and His word, but are we really about that life?? And no, I AM NOT JUDGING YOU. Its not my place to but we are called to lovingly speak the truth… and the truth is that for many of us our “Christian” faith is limited to lip service. Words mean NOTHING if our hearts and our lifestyles are not matching up with what we profess.. “If you love me, obey my commandments.- John 14:15  When you produce much fruit, you are my true disciples. This brings great glory to my Father.- John 15:8 ... So what Jesus is basically saying, is if YOU REALLY love me like YOU say you do and you are REALLY MY FOLLOWER, your LIFE and YOUR ACTIONS will show it…

If you’re life looks EXACTLY the same AFTER you get saved as it did BEFORE you got saved then something is wrong. “Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person: the old life is gone, a new life has begun”-1Corinthians 5:17.. See Jesus DIED for our sins and was raised to LIFE so that we too can be raised to LIFE. Meaning, once Jesus truly comes into your heart, He begins to change you, more and more into His image. He literally changes you from the inside out…. So for NOTHING to change AFTER we claim to “get saved” is to say that Jesus doesn’t work….

Does this mean that we get saved and become perfect little Christians. NO! There are things that I struggle with DAILY.. there are always going to be things that you’re gonna struggle with… But here’s the thing: There is a difference between STRUGGLING with sin and LIVING IN sin.. Struggle at least shows there’s an EFFORT to change. The problem is that many of us are not struggling with sin.. we’re making EXCUSES for it, & when people call it like it is, we tell them to “stop judging us”.. We get mad and defensive.

I say all of this to say… we need to get it together..(myself included). Lets REALLY live this thing. How are we suppose to be a “light” in this dark world when many of us are still living in darkness and don’t even realize it. You may be reading this and feeling convicted. Good. That’s God tugging on your heart. God convicts us, not to make us feel bad but to show us what we need to FIX so that we would be driven to our knees in prayer.. I know for me, I’ve been learning that I can’t change on my own. I’m a hot mess! I can’t do this thing without Him. I fall.. I struggle. I get frustrated but the bottom line is, I am determined to live for Him… There’s nothing good in any of us. We all NEED JESUS…So I encourage you to just keep it real with yourself and most of all God…Tell Him how much you really wanna live for Him and to  help you do that… Confess those things that you’ve been desperately trynna hide. He see’s it all…but He also forgives and is merciful to those who call on Him. He loves you..but do you TRULY love Him and does your lifestyle show it?? Let’s live this thing FORREAL! <3

Love yall! xoxox

The Bad Girl Syndrome..

24 Dec

The Bad Girl SyndromeLets just face it. A lot of us women are bitter. A lot of us have been hurt, mistreated and abused whether it be by family, guys, so called “friends”, or even strangers. Many of us (men and women included) have been through certain life situations, sometimes repeatedly, that cause us to become numb to pain.. So what do we do?? We put up this “bad girl” image. This image  says, “I don’t need anyone” or ‘Eff love”.  This image claims all men are dogs or that being submissive to a man in marriage is WEAKNESS. This image is on social media being ratchet & throwing up the middle finger saying “eff the world” This image is a TOUGH girl on the outside, but a scared insecure little girl on the inside…

We’ve adopted this “tough girl” mentality that says “Im tired of being hurt by men, so instead I’m just gonna act like one” and so we ACT as though we can sleep around and be un-effected by it. We ACT as though, we don’t wanna be married and have a family. We ACT as though, we don’t care about love or life. All of this is a cover up. Continue reading

A Jesus Groupie: Fighting Depression

19 Nov

Nedge blog                                                                   By; Nedge Josma

For years, I lived in disillusionment, falsely believing in my own strength. I was fighting a demon that time after time proved to be much stronger than me. Depression was suffocating my life, squeezing every bit of hope I ever had in salvation. I was tired and had drawn the white flag…”This was my life, who I was.. And I was to get used to it..” Or so I thought. The AMAZING thing about God is that his power is SO much stronger than ours and thankfully WAY more powerful than the Enemy’s! It’s really not easy being this transparent but I trust in God’s will that this message was for someone. #JesusSaves #IamRedeemed #MyTestimony #RevivalStartswithMe #OnMission


We’re all in this together and we NEVER know what someone maybe going through. Don’t be afraid to be real and transparent. We all got issues! Words can’t express how proud I am of this girl for letting go and using her story to inspire others. <3


To contact Nedge, find her on Facebook–Facebook.com/NEDGIEE


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