How My Husband Leaving Me, Changed Me….

By: Alicia King   

 My husband of 6 years asked me for a divorce on my birthday, February,22, 2015. After 2 years of us battling about his feelings towards me and his need to go else where, he finally asked for out. 

I was broken…
I spent half of my marriage trying to hold it together and it was exhausting. I prayed countless prayers for God to show him how much of a good thing I was. I cried and beg God so many times for him to love me and see me as the caring wife I had tried to be for him. I prayed for him to remember me as the one who supported him through his transition from an engineer to a pastor. I read every book on being a virtuous wife. I read all the books I could on restoration of marriages. I went for Christian counseling both at school and church. I asked God to show me what I needed to learn in this season, and I covered my husband, who was planning on leaving me, in prayer daily…

Fast forward to November, the papers were sitting on my dresser just a week from our daughter’s 4th birthday. I had so many emotions, and I honestly felt like God had let me down. I felt like this was suppose to be our big testimony.. I felt like we would be the ones to tell other married couples our “testimony” and they will come to know God and believe for restoration in their marriages too. I mean, after all, my husband was a Pastor.

Man, I was too wrong…

I had to realize that we can not determine God’s steps, but in order for God to determine ours, we have to be willing to surrender to His. My husband was stuck in his own ways and envisioned something different for his life. I was truly crushed, but I realized for the first time my husband had led me in the arms of God. He led me through his human weaknesses and imperfections. He led me to God through his hurtful words and distant demeanor. He led me to God when he was falling in love with someone else. He made me know for sure that nothing is safe and guaranteed but the love of Jesus. He made me leave his corrupt church and run to a church that showed me principles on how to walk into my purpose in the will of God. His hardened heart taught me to pray in difficulty, and it drove me to serve and surround myself around a body of believers.

During the filing of the divorce my mind was at peace, but my heart still longed to be with him. I battled with resisting sleeping with him in times where I felt I needed his love and attention, even if it was for a moment. I was so insecure, and I did not understand why I was not worth fighting for. During my mourning, I saw my husband at times as the pastor who orchestrated my funeral daily. He removed me from the life that I’ve known and killed all the dreams that I had for us. But GOD…. God will allow old dreams to die to bring forth new ones. I had to learn that prayer does not always change our situation, but it changes you in ways you’ll never imagine. Each day the pain got easier to bear, and I started smiling more and I thanked God that He blessed me with a joy that I can not even understand at times. Sometimes God will leave you out in dark to let you know that He’s the light that never fails. It’s only as time goes on that, that light begins to shine on the things we did not understand. We begin to see that there is always a purpose in God’s plan. Through the fire, God will at times bless you. Joseph in the bible was abandoned by his brothers, lied on, and God promoted him by the favor God has placed on his life. While I was going through the fire and difficulty, God surrounded me with prayer warriors. God got me through school with a degree with honors and awards. God allowed me to be the only student to graduate my year as a certified teacher on my campus. I watched as my other colleagues switched majors after difficulty passing the new teachers’ certification exams. I did not understand it, but now I know that God has a plan for me that far exceeded what I had for myself. He built a new confidence in me, and brought new hopes and dreams to my life again. I may not always get it right and some times I still struggle, but as I continue to grow in my walk, I realize I can not walk this life without God holding my hand.

Those of you who are having crisis in your marriage, this is not for you to lose heart and accept divorce as your end. Continue to hold on and pray and do not grow weary, because you serve a God who has your best interest at heart. For the single ladies, know that your relationship with God is vital in every decision you make. Just because you date a believer, does not necessarily mean you’re equally yoked. Pray about everything! I was only 22 years old when I got married with the rush to cover up our sexual immorality. Know ladies, that the wait outweighs the consequences of stepping outside the will of God. You can not go wrong with trusting God. Galatians 6:9 says “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” We see all through out the bible where the people of God had to wait, and although it’s never easy to wait, one thing is certain, God HONORS it.

Alicia King ❤️


When God Doesn’t Hear Our Worship…


As I walk with the God in this journey of salvation, I’ve experienced countless failures. I face struggles, some easier to overcome than others I’ve made more mistakes than I could possibly count, some out of ignorance and some out of deliberate disobedience, even though I wouldn’t admit it at the time. You know.. those times when you know what the BIBLE says and you hear what the holy-spirit is SAYING yet in those moments you still choose to listen to your flesh. I would feel bad about it every time. I  would feel guilty. I would beat myself up and I would even cry about it but can I be real? The very fact that I felt “bad” and actually cried over”sin” made me feel super spiritual..I mean, hey we live in a world where most people have no regard for God and His word..  I actually feel bad about it. I’m  pretty alright… 

Than God made a few things super clear to me.

God doesn’t want me to JUST feel “bad” and be convicted. He’s looking for me to REPENT. To repent means to change directions. It means taking deliberate ACTION in moving AWAY from the sin that you were once entangled in. It’s deleting phone numbers that connect you to the people that cause you to stumble in your purity. It’s moving out of a girlfriend/boyfriends house. It’s turning away from watching pornography. It’s getting rid of the drugs completely. It’s DOING whatever is necessary while changing your MIND to  go in the direction of holiness and not sin. The whole point of conviction is for it to lead to REPENTANCE.. actual CHANGE. The problem was that I would feel better about my mess because I cried about it but I never really repented of it. I felt spiritual and good about myself because I cried at an altar.. God doesn’t want me to feel bad, God wants me to actually  OBEY…

Malachi 2:13-2:14 (NKJV)

You cover the altar of the Lord with tears,
With weeping and crying;
So He does not regard the offering anymore,
Nor receive it with goodwill from your hands.
14 Yet you say, “For what reason?”
Because the Lord has been witness
Between you and the wife of your youth,
With whom you have dealt treacherously;
Yet she is your companion
And your wife by covenant.

God is basically telling these priests that their offering and worship to the Lord was unacceptable.. but why? How can God disregard their precious tears?

Because they were worshipping God with their mouths but they weren’t worshipping God in their heart and with their ACTIONS in how they treated their wives privately. God is basically saying, “before you cover my alter with tears and offerings, worship me in SPIRIT and in TRUTH by honoring my word in the privacy of your own household. Other people may see your religious activity publically, but I see how you treat your wife privately, and it displeases Me.”

Maybe God is saying the same thing to some of us today. That before we cover our church alter in tears of worship, let us worship Him by repenting of the sin He’s been speaking to us about for months, maybe even years… that before we sing Hillsong’s latest hits in worship to God,  forgive that person who hurt us and who we still harbor hate in our hearts for.. that before we jump and scream in worship to God, let go of those things that are driving a clear wedge between you and the Lord.  God isn’t just searching for tears… He’s searching for obedience.. Do we want to show God how much we REALLY love Him? Than  it’s time to OBEY Him..

We are all in the process of growing. None of us, no matter how saved and sanctified we think we are, have “arrived”. We ALL have sin still lurking in our heart. Please do not get it  misconstrued and think that this message is about being PERFECT before you’re worthy enough to WORSHIP God. If that was the case, NONE of us would be qualified. For many of us, God has been speaking to us about the SAME thing over and over again and we ignore Him in complete disobedience. Sometimes we think we’re being “spiritual” when we’re really just being “stagnant”. Gods main concern is not our worship but the HEART behind our worship. In Isaiah 1, God speaks about actually being DISGUSTED by the worship of His people at that time. They were having all of these ceremonies, rituals, celebrations, offerings and all that good stuff, but their heart and their actions were totally wicked. God basically said, ” I would rather you not do or say anything AT all than for you to put on show because your worship isn’t genuine”. .. (Read it for yourself)

We’ve bought into this idea that worship is all about just singing and dancing in a Sunday service. I believe that worship doesn’t start on Sundays when the choir rises to sing it’s first song. but it starts throughout the week.. It starts privately. It starts in our heart. It’s not about being PERFECT by any means.. but God is a GOD who looks at the HEART and not just the religious action. Before we lift up our hands, let us lift up our HEARTS and be willing to worship Him in spirit and in up whatever He’s telling us to give up and showing how much we TRULY love Him by obeying His commandments through His grace and with His help…

love yall! xox

Saved And Broken Hearted..


On social media, everything looks wonderful. There are the seemingly perfect courtships that end in marriage and the heartfelt captions on how God finally blessed them with “the one”. We see the beautiful journey of courtship followed by the grand proposal, the wedding photos and the instagram announcement that they’re pregnant. It all just seems so perfect…

And then there are the things that we don’t see. The things that we rarely if ever talk about, maybe because, to us, its not “pretty” enough; maybe because it’s not the perfect Christian fairytale that others seem to have. What we don’t see is the courtships that fail and the times when we genuinely believe that God told us a person is “the one” only for the relationship to go down in flames.. What we don’t talk about is how to get through a heartbreak as a Christian..

Every courtship doesn’t end in marriage. The whole point is to “court” with the INTENTION of marrying and to PREPARE for marriage but it is not marriage itself and the truth is sometimes it just won’t work out but often we do too much too soon. We treat someone who we’re COURTING as though they’re ALREADY our husband/wife. We’re already proclaiming to the world that they’re our “rib” or our “king”, when the truth is, you’re not his “rib” until you’re officially his wife under God and he isn’t your “covering” until he is officially your HUSBAND. Until then, God still recognizes you as two separate individuals. Again, we do too much too soon and so the “breakup” feels like a divorce because we acted like we were married simply because we felt like we “heard” God say that was “the one”…

And then it all falls apart..Now what? We’re beyond disappointed. We’re confused. We’re hurt and God forbid y’all go to the same church and have to constantly see each other. How do you maneuver? How do you heal? How do you get through? Here’s some of the things Gods shown me through my own mess.

1) While we see it as a bad breakup and a heartbreak, God sees it as an opportunity to transform our heart… Understand the sovereignty of God. ANYTHING we go through is because God ALLOWED it to happen and if He ALLOWED it, then it must have a PURPOSE behind it. God is not sloppy. He knows every single detail of our life and He knows EXACTLY what gets some of our attention. I cannot begin to tell you the things that God has revealed to me about ME through my last breakup and how much He’s taught me. Understand that God’s ultimate goal is to bring glory to Himself and to make us more and more like Him and two of the things He uses is pain and suffering. Some of my greatest times of GROWTH have been through my greatest times of GREIF. It’s bigger than a breakup. God is doing something in your heart and it goes far beyond just you and your boo breaking up..

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.-Isaiah 55:8

2) God is practical. Stop stalking your ex.
I would beg God to help me move on ; to help me move forward and to heal me. God responded by giving me clear instruction. STOP stalking him. Stop looking on his instagram page to see what he’s posting, to see what girls are commenting under his pictures and than clicking on her profile to see who she is. Stop stalking their tweets and trying to figure out if they’re secretly tweeting about you. Just stop. unfollow. block. do what you have to do but stalking will keep you stuck and on an emotional roller coaster. You’re making him an idol and you’re asking God to heal a wound while simultaneously picking at it. I had to be painfully blunt with myself and realize this: What my ex is doing and who he’s doing it with is none of my business. That chapter is closed. The same goes for you love. He doesn’t owe you anything. He’s no longer in your life right now for a reason. Let it go.

“but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead”- Phil 3:13

3) Let go of what was “suppose to be”.

Yes, you guys were “supposed” to get married. Yes, you guys were “supposed” to do ministry together. Yes, you guys had all of these plans but you can’t stay stuck on what was “supposed to be” and neglect the reality of what IS and the reality IS that it’s over. The door is closed and know that if it was a door that God still wanted OPEN, He would of opened it. This is where discipline comes into place..(casting down vain imaginations and every high things that exhalts itself against the knowledge of Christ. 2corinth 10:5).. in other words, when those thoughts of what was “supposed to be” pop up in your head, be INTENTIONAL about choosing to think on moving forward in Christ and trusting Him when it comes to your future.

4) Forgive your ex.

Regardless of the reason WHY you guys broke up, you need to forgive your ex. Yes, even if he cheated, lied, manipulated, whatever. God’s call for us to FORGIVE is not limited to everyone else but “them”..It’s hard, I know, but if God commanded it, than God will give us the grace to keep that commandment. Let go of the bitterness. Let go of the desire to make them jealous. Let go of the desire to see them miserable. Let it go. Forgive them. Do not allow bitterness to take root in your heart because you will infect the people around you. It will infect your ministry. It will infect your relationship with Christ. You must forgive him or her regardless of what they’ve done to you.

And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”-Mark 11:25

5) Heal.

Do not jump into the arms of another man/woman to make you feel better about yourself. When we’re hurt and in pain, we’re not thinking straight. We’re drunk off of hurt. You see ANYBODY as a “potential” at this point because you’re lonely and vulnerable.This is the PERFECT opportunity for the devil to send people your way to fake full advantage of your moment of weakness. I heard someone say ” the wrong person during a lonely season can cause you to think that they’re the one”.One thing that I loved as a result of my last breakup is that God truly became my BEST FRIEND. I clung to Him like crazy! why? because He was the only one that could truly get me through and honestly the “girl you’re gonna be okay” texts just weren’t enough. Though they helped, I was deeply hurt and needed GOD. I was praying several times a day to keep myself from crying and being an emotional wreck. Through that season I truly came to know God as a comforter, as a healer, as keeper and not just from what I read in some bible verses but from what I went through in real life and seeing how much He held me down every single step of the way and never left my side. It was hard, but He got me through it. Don’t take the easy way out and just go find some cutie to fill that void with. There are no shortcuts. Go deep with God. Allow Him to dig up the mess that’s in your heart. Don’t just try to use people as band-aids when God wants to perform heart surgery.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.-Psalms 147:3

Understand that this is so much bigger than just a breakup. It’s just a TOOL that God is using to get to your heart; to mould your character, to teach you about Himself, to teach you about forgiveness, to teach you patience. God’s focus is on something so much bigger. It’s on eternity. It’s on the cross. It’s on His children being pruned and sculpted to look more and more like His Son and sometimes it takes something like a painful breakup to get us to that pliable, vulnerable place where God wants us to be so that we’re now able to hear His voice and be open to His leading. God usually breaks before He builds. Don’t despise this heartbreak.. God is building something. Stick with Him through this process love! xox

And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.-1 Peter 5:10

Join the “Pray For Our Boys ” Prayer Challenge!!!!

“Pray For Our Boys” Prayer Challenge!!

So excited for this! So I was inspired to come up w/this “challenge” based on conversations I’ve had in the past.. It’s super easy to be critical towards men & complain but what would happen if instead, we bombarded the gates of heaven on their behalf?.. Alot of our brothers are struggling with things that we have no clue about and we need to remember that they are our BROTHERS before anything else.. So the “challenge” is for the next 30 days to

1) Either choose 1 male to pray for over the course of 30 days. It can be ANYONE. Your professor. The garbage man. Your pastor. Your father. Your uncle. ANYONE

2) or choose a different man to pray for every day.. This isn’t about us, this is simply about interceding and HELPING them! Love yall!!

(The challenge starts tomorrow 7/28 – 8/26 )

The Beauty Of Conviction…


2 Timothy 4:3- For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear…

You know that feeling..

It’s in the pit of your stomach when the preacher is preaching about something that you know God has been speaking to you about.. Its the feeling we feel when we avoid reading the bible because we know that it’s going to point out areas in our life that need to change.. It’s the feeling we feel when we listen to certain preachers who preach the word of God unapologetically and boldly.. It’s the feeling we feel when the pastor is talking about the sin of having sex outside of marriage, and our flesh wants to get up and walk out in the middle of service because “we dont wanna hear it”. Its the feeling of CONVICTION..

Naturally, we’re rebels. We don’t like being told what to do. We don’t like being told we’re wrong. We don’t like being told that we’re headed down the wrong path… Here’s some of the ways we react…

1) We feel the conviction and change also known as repentance. We throw our hands up and surrender “that thing” to God and we go in the opposite direction.

2) We feel the conviction, brag about how “convicted” we felt and than go right back to doing the same exact thing. We just FELT the conviction but we did nothing about it.

3) We attack and judge the vessel that God used to bring about conviction. You know, we accuse that preacher of being “judgmental” because they spoke the TRUTH. See the problem we have isn’t with them. The problem that we have is with God.. But we’re not bold enough to say that and so we blame “them”. If we would be honest, we’re simply upset at “them” because deep down inside, we know that they’re simply reminding us of our rebellion against God and to be truthfully honest, we don’t wanna hear it.

Lets face it. Conviction does not FEEL good. Its like this “ouch”, “that stings” feeling.. Sometimes you can even feel it in your chest.. And though it DOES NOT FEEL GOOD, it is a gift from God. Do we not realize that God loves us TOO much to NOT warn us and convict us, so that we can turn the other way and stop dabbling in whats to destructive to our souls? And yes God uses people. Don’t get mad at the messenger. They’re simply speaking the truth. Its God who we’re really gettin mad at. Its our flesh thats rising up and fighting against what we know in our spirit to be true…

I say all this to say..

We need to stop running away from the truth. We need to stop running to people and things that are just going to make us “feel good” but never challenge us to grow. We need to stop PURPOSELY seeking out watered down messages that ONLY feed our ego and not our spirit, all because “we aint trynna hear that”. Time is running out, and what we need is the unfiltered word of God to change us… So if you’re feeling convicted about anything in your life, please don’t run. Please don’t ignore it. Please don’t get angry. Surrender it. Bring it before God and ask Him to help you change. Thats the whole point of conviction.. To draw us back home to our Father.. I had to learn this in my own life..that I will never grow or mature as long as I keep running from the hard stuff. Don’t run sis. Confront it and confess it to God and He will help you..💞

John 8:31-32 You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings.And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Love yall! Xo

“The Problem”- by Ashton Ross..


I loved making women do whatever I told them.

Lay down.

Send me a picture of it.

Say my name.

Tell me it’s MINE.

Those things can be intoxicating for a man addicted to sex, masturbation and pornography. In the “movies”, when the man tells the woman to do something she does it, no matter how demeaning or downright disgusting it may be. The female object in a pornographic film seems so overwhelmingly enthralled by the sexual pleasure the male provides her, she subjects herself to his will.

I craved that type of control….. and I got it.

It’s quite saddening to think about the state of masculinity in 2015. In a nutshell, men are primitive species that are completely controlled by sexual pleasure and spends the majority of their existence in search of the next sexual conquest. Manhood has been under attack since the Garden of Eden and the war on masculinity has not ceased.

One of, if not the greatest attacks on manhood though, is the unfair and unrealistic standards of male sexualality promoted by pornography and pop culture. Men are encouraged to chase, conquer, dominate and manipulate women rather than protect and cover them with love honor and respect.

As I continue to navigate and mentally war against the residual effects of a near 20 year addiction to pornography and masturbation, I began to realize how skewed my thinking has been and sometimes still is when it comes to male-female interactions. Pornography creates a man hellbent on receiving sexual gratification at all costs. Whether the tabulations amount to rape, molestation, pedophilia, homosexuality or masturbation, men pay exorbitantly to feed the desire to reach their next climax.

How do they pay?

By becoming public enemy number one. Men are not innately viewed as protectors of themselves, each other or women as God intended, but rather uncouth savages, all with the untapped potential to violently take innocence from innocent children, consent from non-concenting women and integrity from masculinity as a whole.

While doing what I seem to do best and most often (thinking), I pondered the way in which masculinity is paraded around so nastily and I thought, “this should outrage me.” It should outrage me that a woman whom I just met wouldn’t feel comfortable being alone with me because hey, you never know who’s a rapist. It should outrage me that fidelity, one of the basic tenets of an intimate relationship is seen as a great accomplishment if achieved by a man for a lengthy period of time. (Seriously, if a man is faithful to a woman and does not sleep with multiple other women while proclaiming exclusivity with one, people are awestruck with dumb wonderment and taken aback that he could tame his penis in such a way that allowed him to be a regularly decent human being.)

Should that not make me ask, “is the standard THAT incredibly low?”

However, to an ego who’s life source is the control and manipulation of women, standards are relatively non-existent. And when I found myself drowning in that lifestyle, I could not see the utter perversion of the whole ordeal. I was only worried about my next orgasm. That’s all I wanted. That’s all I desired. Let me get to know you enough to get an orgasm out of you. But that’s not all, I want to make YOU orgasm. Orgasm over and over again for me because when you do, it will feed my ego. If I can make you do that, then I will have become my idol, the male pornstar. This gives me a sense of worth. I can make women sacrifice their time, their sanity, their money and their dignity because of the perverse false love I provide them through unwed sex.

So yes…. bend over, get on your knees, take all of me into you and call me daddy because every time you do what I say do, I’m validated. Because I just don’t know. I don’t know myself. I don’t know my own worth. I don’t know that God has called me to live pure, and my purity as a man is the catalyst for a stable and thriving society. I don’t know that tens of years after I encounter you tonight, the spirits we exchanged will still make me deny holiness and keep me bound to a life of pity and self-hate. I don’t know that I will destroy families, marriages, childhoods, friendships and lives in the pursuit of an orgasm. I don’t know that my very destiny in Christ Jesus will be deferred because my life is murky with filth. I don’t know any of that. All I know is that in this moment, I can control you, although I can’t control myself.

It’s not a game. It’s not funny and it’s not cute. Sex addiction and lust demons are draining and…. well… killing us. Our inability to see it is the scary part. We have accepted a putrid existence and mindset as the norm. “Boys will be boys.” “That’s just how men are.” Do you not want better for yourself? Do you not want to be esteemed higher than this? Or are you too comfortable with empty conquests of nothingness to see that you are being slave-driven into a life controlled by a few inches of muscle and tendon.

Men are losing the battle to sexual immorality because we are unaware that we are in a battle. We have been hoodwinked from the time we were old enough to see our first sex scene in a movie into accepting that our purpose in our vigorous youth is to get all the vagina we can get. Try it all out. All different races. All different packages. See what you like. Women are your buffet and you need to eat greedy because someday you’ll find one that you’ll want to keep and when you do, you’ll have all that out of your system. (As if that’s how it works and much less, as if that makes any logical sense whatsoever.)

The question is…. how did it get INTO your system?

That is the problem.

Identity Crisis..


CONFESSION: Sometimes I feel insecure about being a college dropout. Sometimes I see other people getting “degrees” and “graduating” and kind of wish that that was me. Not because I know that’s what God is calling me to do but because the SOUND of saying “I have a masters” sounds pretty official. Sometimes I compare myself and don’t FEEL as “accomplished”. Just being real.

God had to  reveal this to me.

Jesus was a carpenter but it wasn’t who He WAS, it was simply what He DID. He was still the Son of God. His identity was in His Father, not in His occupation. Being a “carpenter” is not the most prestigious title in the world. Jesus wasn’t a scholar, a lawyer, a doctor, didn’t have a PHD yet He was still the greatest man to ever live. This “carpenter” is still the savior of the  whole world..

Your identity is not in what you do. It is in who you are and WHOSE you are. Some of us are doing stuff, not because God led us to, but because we’re chasing high sounding titles. We’re chasing a certain tax bracket, we’re chasing “dreams” and ideas that God did not give us but that we gave ourselves out of selfish ambition. Do not get your occupation confused with your purpose. Do not allow other people to force what “they” think you should do on you. Yes, your mom thinks you should be a lawyer or a nurse or a doctor and thats cool but what is God telling you to do?

Stop trying to find your identity in a career and not in Christ. Our calling is bigger than a job and it is bigger than just a career.  The truth of the matter is,  whether I have PHD or whether I’m a college dropout, I am still His. Whether I make 100$/ hour or 12$/hour, I am still His. Whether I am a lawyer or a carpenter, I am still His. Whether I write 20 books, or no books, I am still His. Your worth, your identity and your value do not come from the things of this world. If God stripped you of  all of your accomplishments and everything that you’re so proud of, would you still know who you are? If you’re the pastor of a large church, and God took that church away from you, would you still be confident in your identity in Him or would you be lost because your identity was in the title of being a “pastor” of such and such church? If God took away all of your degrees, would you still know who you are, or be lost because your pride was in your Masters degree?

In light of eternity, none of these things are going to matter. The point is this: Always put your hope in God and not anything of this world. Christ died and gave you an identity and that identity is in Him and Him alone. Do not adapt to this world’s way of thinking that you are what you DO. Do what God is leading YOU to do. Don’t try to mimic someone else’s path. Let God lead you every single step of the way.

Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

Mathew 16:26 And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?

Genesis 1:27  So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Colossians 3:2 Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

Love y’all! xox

The Purpose Driven Woman…

A Brooklyn girl born and raised. Public transportation is how I get around (still need to work on that license though lol) If you take public transportation than you know that, your destination for the day determines what train you need to get on and what stop you need to get off. If I’m going to the city I know to get off at Union Square 14th street. If Im going to work, i get off at Dekalb Avenue. If Im gonna meet up with friends at a restaurant that I ain’t never been to, i google the location before I leave the house so that I know what train or bus i need to get on.. I get on google maps and enter a DESTINATION so that it can show me the path to get there…I’am not about to just be swipin’ my metro card and hoppin’ on any train or bus hoping and praying that it takes me where I need to be. How stupid would that be? Lol

But why do some of us do this with our entire lives. Some of us have been hoppin’ on random trains with no destination and with no purpose in mind. Some of us are just riding trains back and forth all day long and going nowhere fast…

Don’t get business confused with productivity. We can be doing a whole lot, but if what we’re doing is NOT the purpose that was assigned to us by God, than it is pointless. You were created for more than just a 9-5 or a getting some degrees. (Not knocking that at all) You have a God given assignment. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, Gods word says that He has given you spiritual gifts and talents to use to bless and edify those around you. God didn’t give you those gifts so that you can pay bills and die. He gave you those gifts so that you can DO something with it and invest in His Kingdom.

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.-Ephesians 2:10

God saved us for a reason. God did not save us so that we can just have bible studies all day and be Instagram famous for posting sweet Jesus quotes online. God wants our entire life to revolve around Him..our relationships to revolve around Him..and our decisions to revolve around Him..

Time is ticking. The devil is working overtime to draw as many people away from God as he could. The world NEEDS the church to BE the church and not just GO to church. The world needs God fearing women who are living out their God given purposes all for His glory and not just having tea time and talking about our “future husbands” all day. It’s time for us to get focused and get to work. Its time to be obedient to whatever God is telling YOU specifically, to do.

Take an evaluation of your life sis.. Why are you doing the things that you do? Is it because God told you or are you just winging it and hoping for the best? Why are you in that relationship? Is it headed towards marriage or is homeboy just stringing you along for the ride? So many of us claim to have been “lost but now found” yet we’re still riding these “trains” with no destination in mind and STILL lost.

I encourage you sis. Don’t just do stuff just to do it. Be a woman of purpose. Be a woman who waits on the Lord and seeks clear direction from Him. Find Gods purpose for your life. USE those gifts.. Even the ones that no one even knows you have because you’re too afraid to display it. You probably would effect so many people in your community alone, if you just opened your mouth and spoke what God’s placed on your heart…

Your obedience or disobedience doesn’t just effect you. It effects those around you. Your gifts aren’t for YOU.. Its for that broken girl who needs to hear your story.. Its for the divorced woman whose hopeless and depressed. Its for that girl whose been molested by a family remember and feels like its normal to be taken advantage of men. Its for that lost prostitute. Its for your unsaved cousin. Its for this broken, hurting, lost world that needs to hear the truth about Jesus….

Be purpose driven. Step out. Souls are waiting..

Love you! Xox

When You Love Jesus And Can’t Stop Struggling With Certain Sin…

secretiveCan we just be real and talk about the struggle. Can we peel our church mask off and just be real?

How can it be that we can truly love Jesus and still be addicted to pornography? How can it be that we can love God, serve Jesus and truly, truly love Him, but still struggle with masturbation even though we know it’s wrong? How can it be that we can truly love God but can’t seem to stop having sex with that person who is not our husband or wife? How is it that we find ourselves asking for forgiveness from God for that certain sin AGAIN and again? How is it that it can seem like “we’re good” but when it comes to certain areas like our sexual purity ( I’m just using sex as an example. Everyone’s stronghold maybe different) there seems to be “that one” bad habit that feels impossible to break?

You can truly love Jesus with all of your heart and STILL struggle. *insert sarcastic gasp here* Continue reading