A Jesus Groupie: Fighting Depression

Nedge blog                                                                   By; Nedge Josma

For years, I lived in disillusionment, falsely believing in my own strength. I was fighting a demon that time after time proved to be much stronger than me. Depression was suffocating my life, squeezing every bit of hope I ever had in salvation. I was tired and had drawn the white flag…”This was my life, who I was.. And I was to get used to it..” Or so I thought. The AMAZING thing about God is that his power is SO much stronger than ours and thankfully WAY more powerful than the Enemy’s! It’s really not easy being this transparent but I trust in God’s will that this message was for someone. #JesusSaves #IamRedeemed #MyTestimony #RevivalStartswithMe #OnMission


We’re all in this together and we NEVER know what someone maybe going through. Don’t be afraid to be real and transparent. We all got issues! Words can’t express how proud I am of this girl for letting go and using her story to inspire others. ❤


To contact Nedge, find her on Facebook–Facebook.com/NEDGIEE


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