Who Or What Are You Bowing Down To?

Who or What Do You Bow Down to


Your child has been kidnapped. You’re devastated and heartbroken. You’re literally willing to give the BEST you have to save them including your life savings. You’re even willing to trade places and die for them… Your kid has been found and saved but when he/she got home, they decided to run away and go back to their kidnappers… How heartbroken, confused and bewildered would you be?? That’s what it’s like when we choose to RUN to things that enslave us after God gave HIS ALL to free us. That’s what its like when we make IDOLS out of “things” or “people” and as a result put ourselves back in bondage.

So what’s an idol?? ANYTHING or ANYONE that you look to for fulfillment and gratification OTHER than God. Anything or ANYONE that has more say so in your daily decision making process other than Jesus…

“Idolatry” is usually one of those sins that we kinda just sweep under the rug and not really pay much attention to. Lately God has seriously been showing me some “idols” in my life that I never considered to be a problem. Please be mindful, that you can turn ANYTHING into an idol.. Even good Godly things like marriage, relationships or even ministry…

God had to show me how much I’ve been making an idol out of SOCIAL MEDIA. Yes, He had to show me that I was trading in the presence of God for the presence of nonsense on my timelines. I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I did, WAS NOT praise Him for waking me up another day, it was checking my Facebook and Instagram..  I would stop in the middle of prayer or bible reading when my phone went off, JUST to check a message. Before I went to bed, I wasn’t praying and pouring all my cares out onto Him for that day, instead I was scrolling my newsfeed and stalking folks. (don’t front, we all have done it at one point or another lol) The point is, my social media accounts DICTATED my actions. I could of easily justified it which is tried to, by saying how much I use social media to minister to people which I do.. But the bottom line is that I was spending WAY more time on Facebook than in the word of God ..

Soooo, I decided to go on a Facebook and Instagram fast for a month to simply detach myself from it all and to get my focus back. Now that’s just a small example, but I would love to challenge you to re-evaluate how you spend your time, money and energy… What do you spend the most time thinking about??? What is it that you pour ALL of your effort in? What has taken first place in your heart other than Him? Is it money?? Is it a career? Is it a relationship? Is it marriage? (I blogged about making marriage an idol here>>> A Man of God is Still A Man)   What are you spending all of your time chasing??

Now you may say, “so whats the big deal??’ God knows my heart. He knows I love Him…

God is EXTREMELY clear on the fact that we must worship NO other God other than Him, (Exodus 20:3- “You shall have no other gods before Me.”) the ONLY TRUE living God. Now God isn’t FORCING you to love Him… Understand that God is so passionate about you and having your WHOLE heart and not just a piece of it. God paid a price for you. He wanted YOU. YOU are His. YOU do not belong to this world. You do not belong to Facebook. You do not belong to ANYTHING or ANYONE other than Him.. Whatever you worship other than the Lord, is what you’re in bondage to… See I was in BONDAGE to social media… I was a SLAVE to it. I didn’t have it, it had me. What has you tied up?? What are YOU allowing to enslave you?? These things that we put so much of ourselves into, DO not have the ability to save us in times of trouble. EVERYTHING of this world is TEMPORARY. It’s subject to change. You can be married today and divorced tomorrow. You can be a baller today and broke tomorrow. NOTHING of this world has the ability to fulfill you and make you complete. NOTHING OTHER than Jesus Christ can satisfy you…. You will find yourself disappointed every time you try to fill that God sized void with peanuts.. I encourage you to make Jesus your FIRST love again. Put aside whatever it is that’s been replacing Him. Repent, dust yourself off again, and continue on this beautiful journey with God as your leader and one and ONLY lover of your soul.


P.s. Being a slave to Christ is the ONLY form of slavery that brings about TRUE FREEDOM.

Love you guys! xoxox


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