Before You Pressure A Man To Be Your “Everything”…..


Understand that he is HUMAN. Yes he may be a fine God fearing man but he is still growing and learning just like you. Understand that a man was not designed to cater to your every need and to shuck & jive just to please you, but his PURPOSE is to please God FIRST and through him pleasing God will be able to love you the way God intended. Understand that he is not perfect and will make mistakes. Understand that he needs grace and prayer just like YOU do. Understand that he is a man with FEELINGS, FEARS, and INSECURITIES and may not always measure up to Gods standard because he is a FLAWED human.

Understand that your “boaz” or your “future boaz” may be a blessing, but he isn’t your savior and didn’t die on a cross for your sins. One of his assignments maybe to be your husband but his assignment was and IS, NEVER to be your God…

So I say all this to say, look to God to make you whole. Seek God for validation and security. Even the godliest of “godly men” will NEVER be able to complete you and fully satisfy your souls cravings. Sometimes I forget that. Sometimes I put WAY too much pressure on my guy to be EVERYTHING a “christian boyfriend” is ” supposed” to be. Sometimes I forget that his job isn’t to please me but to please GOD and be the man that Gods called HIM to be for His glory. Sometimes I get too clingy…

And then the holy spirit reminds me that my wholeness is found in Jesus Christ alone.. Not in a man. Not in a relationship status. Not in ANYTHING else other than the cross. Being clingy is not cute. Lol When you try to force someone to be your everything, you become a burden instead of a blessing because you’re placing all of this extra pressure on him that he was never meant to carry. He maybe Christian but he is not Christ. Love him like crazy. Pray for him. Respect him. Show him grace. Be patient. Forgive and most importantly let God be God in YOUR life. Make God your “everything”, not him. ❤️