Join the “Pray For Our Boys ” Prayer Challenge!!!!

“Pray For Our Boys” Prayer Challenge!!

So excited for this! So I was inspired to come up w/this “challenge” based on conversations I’ve had in the past.. It’s super easy to be critical towards men & complain but what would happen if instead, we bombarded the gates of heaven on their behalf?.. Alot of our brothers are struggling with things that we have no clue about and we need to remember that they are our BROTHERS before anything else.. So the “challenge” is for the next 30 days to

1) Either choose 1 male to pray for over the course of 30 days. It can be ANYONE. Your professor. The garbage man. Your pastor. Your father. Your uncle. ANYONE

2) or choose a different man to pray for every day.. This isn’t about us, this is simply about interceding and HELPING them! Love yall!!

(The challenge starts tomorrow 7/28 – 8/26 )


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