Sermon of The “Weak”-  Living Eternally by Francis Chan

Hey yall! This weeks sermon is by Francis Chan on living for eternity. Sometimes I don’t think we fully grasp the brevity of life… That the word of God tells us that our days are numbered. You and I don’t know the “number” of days God has predestined us to live. As believers God has called us to live in light of eternity. Death is uncomfortable to talk about but its a reality that we’re all going to face one day. And on that day, NONE of the things and pursuits we aim for will mean anything. In light of eternity, there are very few things that matter. Only what we do for Christ will last! Xo

Love yall!
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Sermon of The “Weak” – “Modern Spirituality and Your Mind by Voddie Baucham”

As I stated on my IG page (@SaphinaCarla) I’m starting something new called “Sermon of The Weak”. Every week, I’ll be posting a theologically sound sermon that has helped me grow and that I believe is edifying to the body of Christ. No matter how “mature” we are, we are on a never ending process of sanctification and growth. Feel free to comment, share them, and exchange sermon notes! Heres this week’s sermon..

I’ve listened to this several  times. Once a few years ago when I was somewhat immature in my faith.  I’m going to be honest. The first time I listened to it, I didn’t get it. In fact, I kind of wasn’t really “feeling” it.. Why? Because it completely contradicted everything that I believed about discerning the will of God and hearing His voice. I was more so taught to look for signs and wonders as opposed to prayer and scripture. I was use to trying to “feel” my way through discernment as opposed to concrete biblical wisdom. In this sermon, he breaks down WHY a lot of our ideologies when it  comes to discerning Gods ways are completely unbiblical. I could see why a sermon like this would make us uncomfortable mainly because it goes against what many of us as Christians have been taught. I encourage you to listen to it, pray and allow God to use it to renew our mind!


love y’all!

The Capitalization of Christian “Purity”..

Love y’all!