Sermon Of The “Weak” : “Black Female Dignity In The Church And In The Culture”

SOFTW Black Female Dignity

It feels good to know that you aren”t crazy.

It feels good to know that you’re not alone in recognizing the need for topic discussions such as these- That there is a need for authentic women ministry based on the person of Christ and not on the “promise” of marriage- ministries based on the word of God that encourage discipleship, sanctification, and sound teaching.

I am here for it.

P.s This discussion is not ONLY exclusive to black women. I believe we can all learn from it.

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Sermon Of The “Weak”- Satan Eats Faith For Breakfast by John Piper

Hey guys!

So this week’s sermon is a quick talk by John Piper on spiritual warfare. The devil is not after our things, our houses, our relationships, Satan is after our faith in God. I pray that this 5 minute sermon will bless you and help you endure whatever trials or testing you may be currently going through. Stand fast and guard your faith.

Love y’all!

Sermon Of The “Weak” – God’s Glory In Marriage by Paul Washer, John Piper & Voddie Bauchman

First let me apologize for being so inconsistent with posting these weekly. (Insert tear)

This week’s sermon is on Gods heart for marriage. Often times, we lack a sober understanding of Gods purpose in joining man and woman. The purpose isn’t just that we may be “happy” but that we may be holy-that we would be an earthly illustration of the gospel. This sermon is super sobering for those of us who may have an over-romanticized view of marriage, yet super encouraging for those who may be married and struggling. Take a listen! 

Love yall

Sermon Of The “Weak”- Clear The Stage by Jimmy Needham

This week’s “sermon” is a little different. It isn’t by a preacher from a pulpit. It’s through a man in a song. It’s called “Clear The Stage”. It’s  a reminder that NOTHING deserves to be on the same stage as God.. That  the only appropiate response to Him, is for our worship to be in spirit and in truth- to clear our lives of every and any idol- and to seek His face wholeheartedly. I absolutely LOVE this song. 

-love yall!

Sermon of The “Weak”-  Living Eternally by Francis Chan

Hey yall! This weeks sermon is by Francis Chan on living for eternity. Sometimes I don’t think we fully grasp the brevity of life… That the word of God tells us that our days are numbered. You and I don’t know the “number” of days God has predestined us to live. As believers God has called us to live in light of eternity. Death is uncomfortable to talk about but its a reality that we’re all going to face one day. And on that day, NONE of the things and pursuits we aim for will mean anything. In light of eternity, there are very few things that matter. Only what we do for Christ will last! Xo

Love yall!
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Sermon of The “Weak” – “Modern Spirituality and Your Mind by Voddie Baucham”

As I stated on my IG page (@SaphinaCarla) I’m starting something new called “Sermon of The Weak”. Every week, I’ll be posting a theologically sound sermon that has helped me grow and that I believe is edifying to the body of Christ. No matter how “mature” we are, we are on a never ending process of sanctification and growth. Feel free to comment, share them, and exchange sermon notes! Heres this week’s sermon..

I’ve listened to this several  times. Once a few years ago when I was somewhat immature in my faith.  I’m going to be honest. The first time I listened to it, I didn’t get it. In fact, I kind of wasn’t really “feeling” it.. Why? Because it completely contradicted everything that I believed about discerning the will of God and hearing His voice. I was more so taught to look for signs and wonders as opposed to prayer and scripture. I was use to trying to “feel” my way through discernment as opposed to concrete biblical wisdom. In this sermon, he breaks down WHY a lot of our ideologies when it  comes to discerning Gods ways are completely unbiblical. I could see why a sermon like this would make us uncomfortable mainly because it goes against what many of us as Christians have been taught. I encourage you to listen to it, pray and allow God to use it to renew our mind!


love y’all!

The Capitalization of Christian “Purity”..

Love y’all!


Protect Your Fire…



candle-flameWe often start off on fire for God. Our lights are ablaze and our lamps are burning brightly. We’re excited about the things of God. We desire His word more than entertainment. Prayer and fellowship isn’t seen as a chore or an obligation but rather something to look forward to. We’re hungry, thirsty, and desperate to see His will unfold. We long for more and more intimacy. Our hunger for righteousness begins to outweigh our desire for sin. We’re on fire and it’s  easily detected by the people who we encounter because fire consumes and lights up whatever it comes in contact with.  Whether it was through the comfort or conviction of the holy spirit in us,the people we were around  were effected by our fire.

But life goes on and without us even realizing it, we begin to allow things to slowly douse our fire. We slowly but surely allow things like sin, un-biblical thinking, and disobedience to gradually draw us away from the One who set ablaze in the first place. There’s a transition from on fire to luke-warm that takes place. We no longer seek out the “wood” found in His prescience to keep the fireplace in our hearts going. We stop praying like we use to. We stop studying His word like we once did. We begin to find a false sense of peace & security in other things that eventually will prove to be un-reliable. We start letting culture become our bible. We allow the tongue that  we once delighted to use as a tool to spread the gospel and share the truth, to now be used to  participate in petty, fruitless, useless, statuses and debates online. We allow our faith and our flame to dwindle and we start to treat the things of God as common. Boredom has now stood in the place of our zeal and divided loyalty has replaced what was once a wholehearted devotion.

And none of us are ABOVE letting our spiritual lives get to this place..

Here are just a few avenues that can lead us there.


We were hurt by another Christian. Rather than dealing with the offense in humility,  we rather just separate ourselves from “the church” all together. We often fail to realize that Christ can’t be dislocated and that you cannot have His head without His body. We need Jesus and we NEED other believers. God has put in place a body of believers, a family of God, meant to build up and edify one another. If you are saved, you are apart of the body and therefore NEED other body parts to walk this walk….

If we’re not careful, we can allow bitterness to take root in our heart because we refuse to forgive or even deal with conflict with another believer the BIBLICAL WAY which is by approaching them privately first. We think we can separate our love for God and our attitude towards our brothers and sisters in Christ, failing to remember that WE are not an ONLY child. God has specifically commanded us to forgive one another and anything short of that is disobedience. Forgive as you’ve been forgiven.

Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.“. – Colossians 3:13

    2. Unrepentant Sin

God tells us to go right. We go left. Sin is deceitful and often we allow it to deceive us into thinking that it’s temporary pleasure is better than God’s eternal satisfaction. The thing about sin is, the more and more you dwell in it, the less and less you see it for what it is. A destructive cancer that brings about spiritual death. (Romans 6:23)  Our hearts become hardened towards Him  and our reverence begins to dwindle. We begin to minimize His words to just philosophical suggestions as opposed to commands from a Holy God in heaven. Keep your fire ablaze by being obedient.

     3. Dumb Distractions

I remember being a kid hearing  my mom cook all the time. I would be hungry, waiting for the food to be ready. I would want  to have a snack because the food was taking too long, but she would always tell me not to. She knew that nibbling on a snack would make me lose my appetite for the main meal that she had been preparing.

When we begin to nibble on the things of this world, we begin to lose our appetite for God. We lose our hunger for His prescience because we’ve already fed ourselves with words that came from the worlds kitchen. We lose our thirst for prayer because all week we’ve drank from the well of distraction. When we’re already full, whether it be from healthy food or junk food, we’re no longer looking for something to eat. Oftentimes, we’re so full off of everything but God that by the time we’re done, we don’t really have an appetite for spiritual things. Cut off every distraction keeping you from eating at His table.

These are just a few things that many of us struggle with and can be the culprit behind doused fires. If we are saved, God has given us His holy spirit meant to lead us, guide and teach us. Through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are now able to have this close relationship with God. Throughout scripture, God makes it clear that as His children we are to have wholehearted devotion and loyalty to Him and Him alone. In the book of revelations, Jesus condemns luke-warmness; being neither hot or cold but sort of in the middle. He makes it clear that we cannot serve two masters. My prayer is that God would re-ignite our fire for Him. That we would start with prayer and His word and that we would protect the light that He has given us to shine so brightly for His glory.