I Have Good News..

To call many a sinner is offensive. It’s rude. For many, that accusation is subject to objection. Deep down, most of us believe in our hearts that we are “good” people. Sure, we’ve made some mistakes in our past. Sure, we aren’t perfect and sure we don’t always do the “right” things. I mean, who does? No ones perfect. Right?

Right. In fact, the bible says “For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of Gods glorious standard.-Romans 3:23″  In other words, there is not one person in the entire earth who has not offended God; who has not broken Gods law. We often use other people as the measuring stick of our righteousness. We look at people who are “really bad” and draw the conclusion that in comparison to them, we”re “good”. We measure ourselves up against liars, thieves, murderers, or anyone who lives a broadcasted immoral life, and figure that as long as we don’t look like “them”, we’re pretty alright.

That is a lie.

The standard of righteousness that God uses is not other sinful humans. It is Himself. You may believe the lie that you’ve never offended anyone but I can guarantee you that you’ve offended God. We all have. We all like sheep have gone astray. We all have sinned and just because our deviation didn’t result in theft, a life of crime, a drug addiction or a promiscuous lifestyle doesn’t make us any more “pure” in Gods sight. The word makes it clear: the wages of sin is death and that sin comes with a price that we could not afford to pay. Sin comes with a penalty and just because we may not “feel” that penalty now doesn’t mean we won’t have to in the life to come.

But God.

In His love made a way for us to be saved from that penalty. This is the good news. This is the gospel: How a glorious God left the comfort of heaven and descended upon the earth, came down in human form and died on the cross for us sinners- that by repentance of our sins and having faith in His Son Jesus Christ, we would be saved and have eternal life. You and I don’t have to work for this, for if we could, salvation would not classify as a free gift from God. We don’t have to try to be “good enough” people. We don’t have to dance and perform for God in hopes that He would accept us. He made a way for us to be forgiven. He made a way for us to know Him. On the cross, He tore the veil between us and God that separated us by the barrier of sin. He shed His blood and gave His life that we might be reconciled to the One who created us in the first place.  This is the gospel. And nothing is more important than this. This must be the foundation of our life. This must be the foundation of how we live.

So if you’re a stranger to the cross, I plead with you to believe in the One who died on it. Jesus Christ.

And if you’re reconciled by the cross, I plead with you to stay close to it…


This is the good news.